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UPDATE – Cooper is doing great! The allergy tests are in, but while the environmental test reveals no concerns, and that Cooper is good with various pollens and grass, the food allergy test revealed allergies towards most grains and vegetables. No potatoes at all, Cooper is now eating lamb and a few vegetables only. His Dad says ” I think he’s eating better than I am”. It may take a bit longer being on this diet before his system flushes out, but his condition is improving. He has been on some longer hikes and is loving the outdoors!

Cooper continues to have his great personality, and thinks he is part cat as he loves to cuddle and stretch out on his Dad’s tummy! As hard as it is to give up your furry child, it is an honorable thing that his Dad is doing, he won’t let Cooper go to just anyone! Keep sharing, let’s find him his forever home!

MEET COOPER – affectionately called Mr. Super Duper Cooper!

With deep sadness, his owner is unable to provide Cooper the home that he deserves. He needs to find Cooper a new home, but it is very important that he finds the right family, one that Cooper will love, and one that will love Cooper right back. He says … “I will be very sad the day it happens but know it’s for his highest good”. Cooper is 5 years old and has an amazing personality. He is a happy go lucky dog that loves attention and people. He definitely has a stubborn streak….he is a pug! He loves food, he loves to give kisses, and he loves to be at ones ankles…..he is a pug! He is fully house and crate trained and knows a couple of basic commands. Cooper’s interactions with other dogs is good, maybe a bit timid at first, and he gets along with cats. His owner is in favour of a trial run just to make sure it’s the right fit for all involved. Cooper does have some additional medical needs that will need to continue to be addressed and has received amazing care at Healing Paws in Port Moody. He recommends that anyone thinking Cooper would be the right fit for them, that the family discuss Coopers needs with their veterinarian.

If you feel your family could be the right fit for Cooper and are ready to give this sweetie a wonderful home, please email us at: for further information.

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