Our memorial fund is established to assist people in need with their veterinarian costs, and we are proud to have been able to provide support to Josie and Squirt.  Our efforts to increase exposure to our cause and to grow the fund is an ongoing effort, one that we are dedicated to.  We also believe in collaboration and helping in other ways when we can.

We came across Roxy’s Relief fund a few weeks ago, this fund “provides support to BC homeless, street-involved, low-income pet guardians through donations of food, bedding, jackets, and other items, and by offering free animal health clinics and vet care assistance”.

In line with our goals, we felt compelled to help, and today we made a donation to Roxy’s Relief fund from Maggie’s Memorial account.

Roxy’s Relief is just one of the programs offered by Paws for Hope Animal Foundation. You can read more about their programs …. Guardian Angel, Roxy’s Relief, Crazy About Cats, Pets Are Not Products, and Cruelty Free BC on their website.

It was a pleasure to speak with Kathy Powelson, the Executive Director and founder of Paws for Hope Animal Foundation. Speaking with Kathy, we learned more about her organization, we admire her dedication, her ambition and her dream. Kathy gave us some much appreciated input and direction, we will be staying in touch, and hope to do something together in the future!

We are a small organization compared to Paws for Hope, but our dedication is nonetheless, and we are always extremely grateful for everyones support!

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