Here is the update we have all been waiting for. Squirty went for her last test to confirm that she is cancer free! Woo hoo!! She is doing great too! I took a pic of her at the park yesterday, she ran like she hasn’t in over 8 months! She is still getting tired quickly but she is so much happier.

I just want to thank everyone for all the help and well wishes. I had gone in to have Squirt put down and a wonderful woman named Pam came and offered to help fund her first tests to see what exactly was wrong. SCARS then helped pay for Squirts surgery. In Memory of Maggie May helped with her treatments and of course everyone who donated saved my girls life. Although I came up a bit short of my financial goal the positive outcome of Squirts condition is worth every penny I owe. I will be forever grateful and I will somehow and someway pay it forward.

The main message is with your help Squirt kicked cancers ass! Thank you all!

Read more about Squirt on our “Tails of Help” page.

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