updateIt was a packed full week! We delivered Maggie May blankets, caught up on administration, and got quite a bit of sewing done too. We made new friends, furry and human!  We have new followers of “In Memory of Maggie May”, and we thank them for sharing our posts, and our Facebook page.

Maggie’s Memorial fund is growing, by donations from our fantastic  supporters, by Dr. Maja contributing a portion of Healing  Paws wellness exams, and by our blanket, bandana and belly band sales. We want to remind everyone that if you know someone that needs financial help with their pets medical costs, please let them know about our fund.  We are here to help! We do have criteria and application forms, we have to follow a process as we need to be accountable to our supporters.  Please do not let our process deter you from applying, your pet is family and you do whatever you can. All applications are reviewed and approved jointly with our medical expert, Dr. Maja of Healing Paws.

Click here for: CRITERIA AND FORMS

COMING UP …. “Henry” is soon to receive his Maggie May blanket, we have a special project for “Rosie” underway, we are just finishing up another Belly Band order for Alberta Rescue, and we are getting ready for another Meet and Greet event at Pet Food and More……stay tuned!

OUR TRATIDION CONTINUES …. the 2015 ANNIVERSARY QUILT cut off is April 30th.  All pets that received/ordered Maggie May blankets from May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015 will in someway be incorporated in this year’s anniversary quilt.

To order click here: BLANKETS

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