October 11, 2014
It was 2 years ago today that I held you in my arms and said goodbye. With tears streaming down my face, I let you slowly slip away into a restful sleep. I will not forget that day, my furry child, I loved you so. As time goes by, it is the happier times I try to remember. Do you remember when we brought you home, I do, how tiny you were, I could hardly wait. You brought so much joy, love and laughter into our lives. Because of you, it didn’t matter anymore that the house be in order, it was far better to have toys and dog hair everywhere.  I looked forward to your loving welcome when I came home from work, it made a bad day not matter any longer. We explored the countryside because of you, places we would not have seen without you. We did our very best for you, I hope you know. You now sit on the mantle by the fire, your very favorite place.  I light your candle each day, not because, least I should forget, but to honour a love I have lost. Some may not understand how much you have meant to me, that’s ok, there are those that do. I miss you, my sweet pea….but you sent us Miss Jackie, at a time we needed her most. She will never take your place, but she shares my heart with you.  I hope you are at peace, running free, without a worry in the world. You inspire me every day…..til we meet again!


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